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As the world turns to a new chapter, new innovations keep swooping in and it’s getting difficult to catch up. The same can be said for marketing and advertising. With the digitization of pretty much everything, marketers need to adapt to the technologically oriented world we live in today. Traditional marketing has its merits, but more people are placing their undivided attention to their personal devices. Don’t get the wrong idea, the true goal of marketing is still to develop great values and build relationships with the customers but to do so marketers need to set their target straight. This is where digital marketing can fit right in the puzzle of the marketing world. Many great companies are already turning their heads and pointing to digital agencies to help them out. With this, marketers will ask “why digital marketing?”, there are many answers to that but there are three main reasons that highlights the advantage of digital marketing well.


Cost efficiency & effectiveness

Compared to traditional marketing, one of the reasons why digital marketing is so sweet in the ears of all companies is the fact that it’s cost efficient. With the rise of social media and the internet overall, businesses may it be small or big have the alternative to reach their target audience to a platform where the target is already paying a lot of attention to with a small fraction of the cost of most traditional marketing channels. The digitization of all things helps marketers reach their target effectively. Almost everyone in the world owns a device for themselves. This creates a huge opening for marketers to reach the place where the target is already there. By paying the same amount, digital marketing can reach to potential targets more effectively compared to traditional marketing.


Real-time customer engagement

With the use of various digital tools provided by the today’s modern era, connecting with the customers couldn’t be easier. Providing the product or service is one thing a company can do but to add depth within the brand and customer relationship is to engage in real-time communication. One useful tool in the digital marketing toolbox is social media. Where else can companies stay in contact with their customers. Another great digital marketing tool is none other than a website. A website is a great example where customer and company interaction happens. By having one customers can directly contact the company they want to reach out to. In the perspective of the company, they can gain insights to further their knowledge in what the customers want. In the customer’s perspective, the company is showing its authenticity. Customers expect their feedback to be replied and heard. With this, the company is not just a company trying to sell its product but it’s also like a companion or friend who is willing to hear everyone’s story. To sum it up, customers want to be heard and it can also be an advantage for the company.


The digital migration

As stated in the beginning, almost everyone in the modern era are already turning their heads towards their devices. This movement or migration has transformed these channels to a bridge for companies and marketers to connect directly with their target audience. Tech devices have evolved to becoming an essential part of everyone’s lives. Through this digital migration, today’s point of time is the best time to apply digital marketing. By targeting directly to the platform where the target audience already exist abundantly, digital marketers possess a huge canvas for them to paint any story they want.


To conclude, digital marketing has become important because of three main reasons. First off, it is cost efficient and effective compared to traditional marketing. Secondly, it creates a bridge for engagement between the company and the target audience. Lastly, it is the right time to run a digital marketing campaign due to the digitization of the human behavior. With this, creating brand authenticity and reaching out to the right market couldn’t be easier.